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Next generation Industrial Control Engineering for Sustainable watersystem Treatment


The NICEST scheme offers a unique programme of education in Water Systems and Water Treatment Technologies. It addresses the major developing areas of the subject giving the prospective student state of the art knowledge and opportunities to specialise in the major areas of the subject, Desalination, Water Reuse and Wastewater Control Systems. These are key areas of technology and infrastructure in a developing world that will be required to deal with the threats of climate change and help with conflict resolution based on resources. The Master’s degree will fulfil the demand for well-qualified personnel required with an enhanced capability for solving many of the water supply problems foreseen in the next 20 years. It will also support these rapidly developing commercial areas of water technology worldwide. Currently, there is no programme offered in Europe similar to the one being proposed.

NICEST has been possible thanks to the Erasmus Munds Design Measures (EMDM) call under the grant ERASMUS-EDU-2022-EMJM-DESIGN 101082541 that allowed the oncortium to elaborate and build up a joint study programme with a very appealing mobility scheme leading to a Joint Master Degree





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