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Industrial and Academic partners linked to NICEST

Industry feedback and collaborations are one of the important pilars of this Joint Master programme. Industrial partners from various industry sectors indeed expressed their needs and their interest in NICEST and contributing towards making NICEST an excellence programme.

Involving industry in NICEST is also a priority and will be achieved by:


for an internship or proposing an industrial related topicfor the Master thesis;


to summer-schools and lectures in several courses of each specialization track: they will especially be able to tackle industrial case studies, transverse topics such as project management but also provide job perspectives on how the knowledge the students acquire is definitely needed for the industry;


such as the recruitment board of the NICEST students, management board or advisory board providing expertise and strategic advice relevant to their knowledge and for the fine-tuning of the educational program.

A desalination-oriented real-life and testbed environment to research, develop, test and validate your water desalination solutions with water-energy nexus and the use of renewable energies approach.

Eurecat is a private research organization and the leading technology centre in Catalonia (Spain). It brings together the expertise of more than 750 professionals distributed in 11 sites. Eurecat research, innovation and training activities range from Industrial Technologies (materials & manufacturing processes, autonomous & collaborative robotics, functional printing & fabrics, and chemical technologies) to Digital Technologies (applied artificial intelligence, big data & data science, audiovisual technologies and IT&OT security). Eurecat has also a research area on Sustainability (water, soil, air, waste, energy, environmental impact and climate change resilience) and on Biotech (nutrition and health). There are 7 spin-offs companies currently operating that were launched by and with the support of Eurecat. Additionally, Eurecat is recognized by the European Commission as a KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) Technology Centre so it can partner with SMEs on close-to-market research and innovation activities.

CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas, Greece): CERTH is the largest Research Center in Northern Greece, operating under the auspices of the Government, comprised of five Institutes. There is close collaboration of CERTH with many Universities and Research Centers in, and outside, Greece as well as with industry. Dissemination of research results and advanced technical training at the national and international level are CERTH’s prime targets. CERTH will participate in this project through the Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), which has extensive R&D activities, and numerous projects, in the general area of Environmental Protection and Management. The Laboratory of Natural Resources and Renewable Energies (NRRE), at CPERI/CERTH, is focused on development of novel/advanced, membrane-based, water and wastewater treatment processes, including valorization of agro-industrial wastes/effluents. The NRRE Lab, with expertise in membrane process simulation/design, is also well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot-scale facilities, where undergraduate and post-graduate students can be trained.

ACCIONA es un grupo global de desarrollo y gestión de soluciones sostenibles de infraestructuras, especialmente de energía renovable. Su actividad cubre toda la cadena de valor de diseño, construcción, operación y mantenimiento. 

El objetivo de ACCIONA es liderar la transición hacia una economía baja en carbono, para lo que pone al servicio de todos los proyectos excelencia técnica e innovación para diseñar un planeta mejor. La compañía alcanzó unas ventas de 11.195 millones de euros en 2022, cuenta con presencia en más de 40 países y desarrolla su actividad empresarial bajo el compromiso de contribuir al desarrollo económico y social de las comunidades en las que opera.

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) is an institution dependant of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and of Civil Service through the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, is the entity of reference for the development of cybersecurity and the digital trust of citizens, the Spanish academic and research network (RedIRIS) and companies, especially for strategic sectors.


As a centre of excellence, INCIBE is an instrument of the Government for the development of cybersecurity as an engine of social transformation and an opportunity for innovation. With its activities based on research, the provision of services and the coordination with agents with competencies in the area, INCIBE leads cybersecurity activities at a national and international level.


INCIBE-CERT is the security incident response centre of reference for citizens and private entities in Spain operated by the National Institute of Cybersecurity, under the Ministry for Digital Transformation and of Civil Service through the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.


INCIBE-CERT is one of the reference incident response teams that coordinates with the rest of the national and international teams to improve efficiency in the fight against crimes involving networks and information systems, reducing their effects on public security.

EYATH S.A. manages a common good, water. It provides water to more than one million citizens, businesses and industries in Greater Thessaloniki. At the same time, it manages the city’s sewage system, through the biological treatment of urban and industrial waste, contributing to protecting a common good, the environment.

EYATH S.A. prioritises the combination of business operations with corporate social responsibility, providing high-quality water supply and sewerage services at the lowest possible cost. As manager and provider of a common good such as water, it also makes sure that this is accessible to underprivileged (vulnerable or special) citizen groups, to ensure their basic needs are met.

Aqualia is the Water Management Company participated by the Citizen Services Group (51%) and by the Australian Ethical Fund ifm Investors (49%). The company is the fourth water company in Europe by population served and the ninth of the world, according to the latest Global Water Intelligence (December 2022) ranking. Currently it serves 45.2 million users from 18 countries: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Chile, Egypt, Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, France, Georgia, Italy, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Portugal, Qatar , Czech Republic and Romania.


The company is located as a reference brand in the sector, positioned as avant -garde, specialized, transparent and innovative. Thanks to a committed human team, with great experience, which permanently seeks the improvement of efficiency in production processes and the optimization of resources and with a clear guidance towards the citizen.


This way of working and the continuous advances in innovation and in the use of new technologies, has allowed it to consolidate leadership in the national market, which also materializes in the foreign market with an ambitious but prudent strategy defined to consolidate internationally. If something distinguishes Aqualia is the role that sustainable development plays as a consubstantial part of its business model: to combine the generation of a social benefit and the fair profitability of its activity positions the company in a privileged situation in the management sector of the water.


The commitment and responsibility with the municipalities in which Aqualia develops its activity is not limited solely to the provision of the service but goes further: it seeks to always contribute to improving the well -being of people and, especially, of those most vulnerable groups.

HYDROMANAGEMENT Consulting Engineers L.t.d. was founded in 2005, in Thessaloniki, Greece and is a company of consulting engineers and designers that undertakes Technical Studies of Infrastructure Projects and Technical Consultant Services on behalf of private and public sector entities, both in Greece and abroad. Moreover, it undertakes field work as well as construction supervision of selected projects. The company is active at the European level as well in the field of research and technological development


HYDROMANAGEMENT carries a legacy of 30 years of excellence achieved by its founders in the fields of Water Resources Management, Wastewater Management, Solid Waste Management and Environmental Engineering.

Smartech Automation, with a profile in the SCADA and electrical fields, offers intelligent and innovative concepts for automation systems and information technology.


Our company develops and implements projects with high-tech application specific solutions and software. The complex turnkey projects that we carry out include multidisciplinary design, cabinet manufacure, installation and commissioning. Our team includes specialists with extensive experience in designing and implementing projects including technological components, power systems and automation and communications, PLC and industrial PC applications and application software. We also collaborate with automation and process automation specialists working in the academic environment.


The company’s specialists have specific references in many areas of the Industrial Systems market and a vast experience in the modernization and automation of metallurgical factories, refineries, tire manufacturing, paints, water supply and waste water treatment plants. The development of Smartech Automation aims to promote solutions and products that have responded effectively to the increasingly diverse requirements of the beneficiaries. The actions are supported by the orientation towards investments in state-of-the-art technologies and equipment and have been complemented by a continuous process of development within the company of professionalism and responsibility.


Compania De Apa Oltenia SA is an enterprise based in Romania. Its main office is in CRAIOVA. It operates in the Water Supply and Irrigation Systems industry. It was incorporated on February 01, 1999. It currently has a total number of 1,058 (2022) employees. In 2022, the company reported a net sales revenue increase of 16.3%. There was a total growth of 104.98% in Compania De Apa Oltenia SA’s total assets over the same period. The net profit margin of Compania De Apa Oltenia SA increased by 0.62% in 2022.

UNIPV (University of Pavia, Italy): is participating in the consortium through the Department of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering (DHEE). DHEE has recently been a key partner of the Research

Training Network Project "WWTSYSENG", the Alfa Project "WETnet", and TEMPUS-JEPs "MeWAR", and “JOMDE” both dealing with water quality and water resources education and training. In the past, DHEE has been a leading partner of the highly successfull TEMPUS-S-JEP "Aqua" project, with the objective of establishing a continuing education setting in the water quality management sector in Slovakia, and of the TEMPUS-JEP "Watermost" project, with the objective of improving water-related education in, the Socrates "EUWaterman" project, with the purpose of designing a European training module on the Water Framework Directive, the HCM-WEEL young researchers' mobility project and a Leonardo staff mobility project in the water resources management sector.

NMBU's mission is to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Our interdisciplinary research and study programmes generate innovations in food, health, environmental protection, climate and sustainable use of natural resources

NMBU's  research and study programmes are enabling people all over the world to tackle the big, global challenges regarding the environment, sustainable development, how to improve human and animal health, renewable energy sources, food production, and land- and resource management.

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